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Meet Scamp

Eleven-year-old Ellis Ring doesn’t know she’s been blessed by a god. . .or has she been cursed? All Ellis cares about is suddenly being saddled with boy whiz kid, Will Seabury, and he won’t stop calling her Scamp! Well maybe she did earn that nickname. 

But Ellis’s world quickly becomes unhinged, when her father reveals that she’s one of two people who can control a powerful ancient weapon. Things get creepier as Ellis understands clues left behind by a sixteenth-century priest, even if she’s not sure what an astrolabe or the Lusiads are yet!

Ellis journeys to find a mythical place and discovers new friends, plays Pato, and drinks from the Vine of the Soul to fulfill a destiny that awaits her but, at what human cost? Is she doomed to an unalterable future or can Ellis shape her own fate?

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Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde

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