As a girl, I spent a lot of time with my red headed green eyed grandmother.  Some days we would work on my vocabulary, others,  I learned how to speak the foreign languages that she had learned (that only went so well!).  You see, my grandmother lived a very abnormal life as a child.  Her father designed and built oil refineries.  He also searched for gold, silver, and copper deposits.  These building projects and searches took them all over the world.  She traveled everywhere with him.   She never went to school in the remote places where she lived because there were no schools!  Instead, she was taught by the people who traveled with her and everyone of them had a different skill and purpose to be part of the expeditions.    The best days with my grandmother were the days she would pull the treasure box from the top shelf of the hall closet. We would plop down on the floor and I’d open the box.  It was filled with hundreds of pictures that her father had taken during their journeys together and every picture was a different adventure!  I loved hearing the tales and dreaming that I was the person in the adventure.  I dreamed that I was the one riding an ostrich on the Pampas Grande, or it was me in the Altiplano drinking Yerba Mate from a gourd.  I’d pretend that I was the one living on a million acre ranch high in the Andes Mountains. All these voyages taught me lessons and fueled my adventuresome spirit.  Many years have passed, but I still remember the stories and so I wrote Scamp and the Legend of Laguna Verde to share the adventures with you. Hope you enjoy the Scamp series as it unfolds!


GS Felton

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